Have you read Twilight?
Have you read Twilight?

Oldham Sixth Form student Abbie Hickling gives her verdict on what makes Stephanie Meyer’s teen vampire book such a success.

Twilight sold one million copies in its first two years of being published and broke Waterstones record for the fastest time to sell a million copies.

Abbie read the book as part of Oldham’s Favourite Read, a celebration of books giving you the chance to share your thoughts, reviews and comments on ten of the hottest books selected by Oldham Libraries.

Abbie said“I thought the book was a really good book and a very good read. It was well written and the story was very appealing to its target audience. The characters were also very appealing and written well. The only problem that I had when reading the book was the idea that vampires sparkle in the sunlight, I think the book would have been even better if they still burnt in the sun and the crests that they wore were to protect them from the sun.

I think Stephanie Meyers’ idea that they go to school and have jobs and drink animal blood instead of human blood was very good and made the book more interesting to read, and made the idea of star crossed lovers who are different species even better.

All in all I thought that Twilight was an interesting and well written book that I would recommend anybody to read.”

Abbie is part of the multi-media reading group, Culture Corner, at Oldham Sixth Form College.

Have your say! What do you think of twilight? Share your thoughts on twilight and loads of other books as part of Oldham’s Favourite Read. Find out more at

Posted on 27/01/2011
Sign up now for Glee club
Aspiring popstars and dancers are being invited to sign up for a new club based on hit TV show Glee.

Young people who join the group – to be run by Oldham Council’s Music Service – will learn to sing and perform dance routines to chart-topping songs.

The club is set to run on Wednesdays from 6-7pm at the Union Street Youth Centre, Oldham – but will only go ahead if enough people sign up.

Dance tutor, Laura Mulholland, and Martin Ashurst, from the Council’s Music Service, will lead the fun-packed sessions.

Councillor Jack Hulme, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: "This club will allow young people to grow in confidence, make new friends and work together as team players."

"We are hoping that the popularity of Glee will motivate youngsters to come along, enjoy themselves and keep fit and active."

The classes are for young people in year seven and above and will cost £37 per term. It is hoped that the group will eventually be able to perform at concerts and events.

To sign up for the sessions call Martin Ashurst on 0161 770 5660
Posted on 25/11/2010
Go Oldham
The site that tells you all about what fun things you can do in your spare time in Oldham - Sport - Dance - Singing - Outdoor Activities You name it we have it !
Posted on 22/11/2010
The Community Pop Choir

The Community Pop Choir has been a source of enjoyment, not just for music making but on a social level as well. As the three choirs develop the Music Centre will organise joint concerts and events.


No experience is required to join these choirs - just bags of enthusiasm, a love of music and a willingness to get involved. Everybody can sing to some sort of level so there’s no reason to be shy. New members are always welcome so please contact the Music Centre on 0161 770 5660if any of you want to give it a try.

Posted on 07/11/2010
Soul Inspiration

Soul Inspiration is a new Gospel Choir under the leadership of Kadria Thomas. Kadria has over 30 years of experience singing in choral groups and choirs.  She has worked with children and young adults of all ages and abilities, delivering inspirational vocal and song writing sessions in schools and community groups. The group meets every Wednesday 7-9 pm at the Sholver Youth Centre.

Posted on 16/09/2010

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